[Event] Lauren Bode Clinic

December 28, 2017

Saturday, February 6, 2016 All Day
1433 Trussler Rd Kitchener Ontario

Fire Fly Stable’s is very excited to host a clinic with Lauren Bode. The clinic will consist of practical theory in the “fire place room” before we head out to the barn to meet and talk with the horses.
More details to follow.

About Lauren

Having developed and practiced my talent for many years, I speak for animals. I willingly provide a voice for the non-human creatures of our world in the hope that I may assist them to obtain greater health, better understanding of their expected roles and better relationships with their human partners.
Through my classes and daily contacts, I encourage others to develop closer bonds, appreciation and mutual trust with animals and a respect for all life in this world.

Fire Fly Stable’s has had a few opportunties to meet Lauren and speak with her. Jenn attended many of her talks at the Can-Am when it was held in London, Ontario. For one of Jenn’s birthday presents Lauren was asked to speak with Eddy and Pnut.

Eddy was very happy to speak with Lauren and told her all about how much we love his tail, his favourite colours, about his racing days, and about how he was curious about his muscles and growth. Eddy had so much to say Lauren and Jenn could barely keep up. (Eddy the talking horse no doubt!)

Pnut was very reserved and had to be prompted to answer questions. He told us that he was worried when he falls asleep while he is walking, he was worried we thought he was clumbsy which he isn’t he just falls asleep on the go.

In later years Lauren has helped Jenn out when Coby her indoor cat escaped during a snow storm and was lost, she spoke with him and asked him to go home. She let him know that we were looking for him, and he told her where he could be found.

We are looking forward to having Lauren speak to our horses who have joined us over the past few years, and we hope to learn a lot from her during our clinic.

Pre-registration is required, limited spots available.
First weekend in Feb, more details will follow.