Horse Training

Jenn specializes in problem horses, as well as training from the ground up with youngsters. Dressage, hunter/jumper, trick training, liberty work, and bridleless riding are all offered. There are two training packages available (listed below), or you can buy a once/twice a week lesson package to train you to train your horse.

Young Horse Package:

Emphasizes ground manners, and the basics like leading, lunging, trailering, and tying.  From there we work on getting use to tack and moving correctly carrying tack, riding at a walk and trot is started. Sessions are to build confidence and trust in the horse so that they will grow up to be great riding horses. We do not over work them as they are young we allow them to grow. Riding or training sessions happen 3-4 times per week, but the horse is handled each day to emphasis good basic ground manners.  The cost of this package is $355 and includes HST. This is a package available in addition to regular board.

Advanced Horse Training Package:

The advanced horse training package is more intense work than the young horse package. With this option the horse is worked a minimum of 5 times a week and up to 7 riding or training sessions. The horse’s training includes a lot of conditioning work and more advanced skills with cantering and basic dressage movements incorporated into the program.  This is available only to horses above the age of three (keeping in mind horses are not done growing until the age of 6) and only to horses who are safely capable of doing a walk and trot with a rider on their back. Horses younger than 6 will not be jumped in this program, but will be worked over ground poles.  The cost of this program is $555 and includes hst, it is available in addition to regular board.

Not sure?
If you want your horse trained but don’t believe they’d be suited to either program, just contact Jenn Bruner and have a chat.