“I have been taking riding lessons at Firefly stables for a year now. I absolutely love my lessons. Jenn is so knowledgeable and detail oriented I have learned more than I could have imagined there was to learn. The lessons plans are different every time so I am never bored. Jenn is relaxed, easy going, the lessons are fun but she she also is able to motivate her students to do better each time. Thank you Jenn. I promise, some day you won’t have to remind me to keep my keels down and fingers closed!!!”Happy Rider, Tracy Ann Neitzel
“Hi Jenn, I just wanted to put something out there that all of the other barns I’ve been to yours tops the list! You are the best trainer I have EVER had and I can’t wait to see where we go from here!! I am always so excited to come out and ride, I do have a lack of confidence issue and you have a way of telling me that I can do it!! Your teaching style is awesome because you don’t teach everyone the same way, you pick out our flaws and work on them in a way that is really fun and easy to understand. I don’t know how you remember what person has what style! I love coming every lesson and I always walk away extremely happy and I learn something every single time, even if it was small…thank you so much!! :)” Thrilled Student, Morgan Askew
“I have been riding for a year and a half now and it has been amazing. Sometimes i can be scared around horses and jenn is really helping. She doesnt push us to do something but she doesnt do all the work for us. I really like it at firefly. Jenn is also very layed back and easy going. Our lessons are always different to!”Happy Student, Jordyn
“You have been the best teacher ever your horses are nice you are nice and thanks for everything just wanted to let you know I haven’t gave up on riding I still believe I can do better Becuase upcountry trusted me believe In myself no matter what happens I miss you and all the horses I hope to soon come and vist you and the horses. Quotes”Paige Malloy & Jenn