Show Season

The Showing Prep Meeting will be held on March 11th, from 6 to 8 pm.

This year, Fire Fly Stables will be attending the following show series, as a stable:

London Dressage Association

Great for students that want to get feedback on their dressage work.
You can also share horses with another rider, provided neither of you is in the same division, or does more than two tests.

Corner Stone Hunter Jumper

This is our hunter/jumper venue for this year. It is held on Saturdays, and it offers many different classes for all levels of riders.

Eventing (Horse Trials)

A registered eventing competition. Eventing has three phases; dressage, showjumping, and cross country. Levels begin at Pre-Entry and go up from there. To compete in Eventing, you must be prepared to do all three phases. You may not skip a phase. If you wish to only compete in certain phases, you can compete at SOCTA in the phases of your choosing.

Southern Ontario Combined Training Association (SOCTA)

An unregistered, schooling-level version of the Horse Trials. They offer combined training (dressage and showjumping), and you can also school the cross country course after your ride, though it is not a phase in the competition.

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