Rescue Horses


Breed: Mini cross

Rescued: October 2017, with his brother.

Personality: Somewhat dorky, loves people and attention, very brave.

Favourite Pass-time: Playing in the field with his buddies, especially his brother Tugs.

Current job and skills: Hugs is almost ready to join the program as a lesson horse!

Hugs is available for lease! Are you a small rider looking for your next mount? He may be for you.



Breed: Miniature

Rescued: August 2017

Personality: Sweet underneath, bossy on the surface.

Favourite Pass-time: Playing with her pals.

Current job and skills: Tink is learning to be a harness pony.

Other fun fact: Tink is the smallest horse (or pony) at Firefly.


Breed: Trakehner x Belgian

Rescued: August 2017, with her mother Piper

Personality: Very impatient, but also very sweet.

Favourite Pass-time: Playing with her ‘mom’ Akasha, ‘sister’ Lena, and ‘auntie’ Minnie.

Current job and skills: Clementine is too young to be trained currently, but we want her to grow up to be an eventer.

Other fun fact: Clementine once jumped out of her field while being weaned to go see her mom.


Breed: Trakehner/Hanoverian/Holsteiner cross, DNA tested.

Rescued: September 2017

Personality: Sweet and caring, loves attention.

Favourite Pass-time: Making snow angels!

Current job and skills: Chapman is too young to be ridden currently. When he is old enough, we hope to train him in jumping.

Other fun fact: Chapman loves getting pets over the fence when people come in to the barn.

Ruby Jane

Breed: Standardbred

Rescued: November 2017

Personality: Very sweet and affectionate, fairly patient.

Favourite Pass-time: Hanging out with her buddies in the field.

Current job and skills: Ruby Jane belongs to Linda, one of our riders. She is Linda’s first horse, and is learning to be a riding horse.

Other fun fact: Ruby Jane was a racehorse when she was 2 and 3, and was then a broodmare until arriving with us.


Breed: Pony with spanish breeding; Lipizzaner and Peruvian Paso DNA tested.

Rescued: September 2015

Personality: Sassy and always in charge. Knows every pony trick in the book.

Favourite Pass-time: Dressage.

Current job and skills: Molly is Jenn’s personal dressage pony. Proud to be the Walk Trot open London Dressage Association champion from the 2018 season, and hoping to move up this year.

Other fun fact: She is our ‘poster pony’: a lot of our merchandise has pictures of Molly on it, since she is so photogenic. Loves to pose for the camera.

About Our Process

“You know, you don’t throw a whole life away just ’cause he’s banged up a little.”Tom Smith, 'Seabiscuit'

Fire Fly Stables believes each horse deserves a second chance. Often a horse is pushed into a career they don’t enjoy, or are mistreated by past owners. We offer another shot at a job suited to each individual horse. Sometimes this means our lesson program, other times it can mean finding a home with a different owner. Our rescues go through a rehabilitation process, overcoming physical and mental hurdles, until they can be safely retrained to a new job. If they fit the needs of a Fire Fly horse, they stay here; otherwise, we sell them to loving forever homes.


Our YouTube channel shows the rescue process for some of our horses, as well as videos of our horses, and videos from the camps we offer.