Lesson Horses


Show Name: Spazzamatic the Super Pony

Registered Name: Intel Hall

Breed: Standardbred

Personality: Caring, Patient, and very well-mannered.

Favourite Pass-time: Dancing (hip hop, put that music on and turn it up!)

Current job and skills: lesson horse, he loves dressage and trail riding, he doesn’t enjoy jumping but takes very good care of his riders on the flat. Pnut is so exceptionally well trained that he can be ridden without a bridle.

Other fun fact: Bounciest trot in the barn, and he loves candy canes!



Show/registered name: Dreamer and Doer

Breed: Standardbred

Personality: Proper and regal (he thinks of himself as a king).

Favourite pass time: Loves to compete.

Current job and skills: Eddy is retired due to age, but his past accomplishments include competing in hunter, dressage, riding and jumping bridleless, and showing off tricks such as the Spanish March in hand and under saddle. He may help out in the odd lesson as he misses having a job to do.

Other fun fact: Used to be a racehorse.


Show name: Akasha Wanna Ride

Breed: Haflinger

Personality: sweet but smart as a whip.

Favourite pass time: jumping!

Current job and skills: Lesson horse, trained in tricks, can be shown.

Other fun fact: May be one of the hardest horses to convince to move forward and straight at the same time, until she has a jump in front of her. Very good teacher and an absolute gem in our riding program.
She will take all levels of students and teach them everything they need to know along the way.
She is the mother of Maddalena.


Breed: Morgan

Personality: easy going.

Favourite pass time: down time, out in the herd relaxing.

Current job and skills: He is a favourite lesson horse, skilled at liberty, and can do all of his work without a bridle including dressage movements and jumping small courses.

Other fun fact: Zeus has performed at venues such as the Can-Am and The International Plowing Match with his owner Jenn Bruner.


Show name: My Minnion

Breed: Belgian x Quarter Horse

Personality: Calm and cool.

Favourite pass time: hacking with her owner and Rudy the dog.

Current job and skills: She is not involved with the lesson program and is only used as a substitute if we are short horses (or a horse goes on vacation). She is proud to say she is Jenn’s horse and for the most part, Jenn just doesn’t share this beautiful mare. Minn and Jenn have competed in both dressage and eventing.

Other fun fact: Minn generally doesn’t spook, even if Jenn does.


Breed: Haflinger x Quarter Horse

Personality: playful and curious.

Favourite pass time: chewing (on anything really, it’s like a puppy dog, we are trying to discourage it).

Current job and skills: Cocoa is used in lessons and enjoys low jumps and lots of canter work, his canter is ideal for teaching students who have never tried it before as he willingly picked it up and carries it.

Other fun fact: He is nearly as wide as he is tall. (the nice way to phrase it is sturdy)


Breed: Quarter horse

Personality: Loves snuggles.

Favourite pastime: being pampered.

Current job and skills: lesson horse who enjoys jumping, although he loves the small children who do lead line classes as well.

Other fun fact: Friendly used to be a hunter, then worked as a therapeutic horse for disabled riders, and now has joined our lesson team. He can be very competitive in the hunter and jumper rings.


Show name: A Beautiful Catastrophe

Breed: Halflinger x Thoroughbred ( a Flingerbred if you will)

Personality: Smart and playful.

Favourite pastime: Jumping!

Current job and skills: Lena is one of our favourite advanced lesson horses.

Other fun fact: Maddalena’s grandfather was horse of the year in 2010.

Available for Co-Board: yes

Sale price: $8500 +HST.


Show Name: A-Dora-Ble

Breed: Welsh Pony

Personality: comes across as sassy but is really very sweet. She listens to her riders carefully and demands the same in return.

Favourite pass time: free jumping.

Current job and skills: DW has joined our team as a lesson pony. She loves her jumping lessons and the little riders adore her as well.


Show Name: Pick me up Penny

Breed: Dutch Harness

Personality: Sweet and playful.

Favourite pass time: Being pampered. She loves being braided and groomed.

Current job and skills: Penny is a broodmare right now, and also does walk-trot lessons when we need her.

Other fun fact: Penny was rescued in 2016.


Breed: Percheron x Dutch Warmblood

Personality: Thinks he’s a champion

Favourite pass time: Getting pampered, having people tell him how handsome he is.

Current job and skills: Teaching his one mom Vanessa the art of dressage.

Other fun fact: He likes to tell you stuff, by flapping his lips. It’s his way of saying if he’s happy or not happy. Or if he just wants more treats.


Show Name: Cheerios and Milk

Breed: Appaloosa

Personality: Sassy and independent.

Favourite Pastime: Learning new things.

Current Job and Skills: Learning and teaching the arts of jumping and dressage, both to her owner Emma and to her lesson riders.

Other fun fact: Cherokee was the LDA’s walk trot champion in 2017, with her owner Emma!


Breed: Halflinger

Personality: Total ham, loves attention. Thinks of himself as a champion.

Favourite pass time: Being pampered and fussed over

Current job and skills: Lesson pony mainly used in beginner/novice, but he is working up the ranks right now.

Other fun fact: Used to be a stallion called A Royal Ruckus (we think).


Breed: Quarter Horse

Personality: Very sweet and affectionate, loves to please.

Favourite pass time: Being fussed over.

Current job and skills: Used in novice and advanced lessons, he is learning with the riders. He is young, but loves to please, so he learns fast.

Other fun fact: Brodie turns into a cuddly teddy bear in the winter.